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It’s not that easy to find a name for a band especially when you’re 17. So, with the help of a few glasses of luxury beer and a couple bong hits, our youngsters ( shall we call them punks ? ) from Albi, who ruined their vocal chords singing tunes of NOFX, BAD RELIGION… and other PROPAGANDHI were quite happy with a meaningless name (nameless)

A few demos were recorded in their garage, the cassettes got passed around, and after playing a couple shows, NEMLESS became a hit on the local scene.
Then gradually, thanks to their friends and the perseverance of the band members ( Jo : guitar / vocals, Fred (guitar/vocals), Ben (management /guitar) , Dadé (drums), Xav (percu) et Momo (bass guitar ) their first 7 track EP was self-released May, 1998, in true DIY style. After a few local shows, the band eventually begins performing outside its original province ……….
In March 1999, NEMLESS and NOW’N LATER, who share common ground, self-release a 12 track split EP. Shows become more and more frequent (E55 Rallye in Berlin and Tabor (Csek Republic), Festival TODO ES HxC i Luzy (Spain), festival ART SONIC in Briouze (France) , le LEMOVISKATE in Limoges (France), Fête de l’Huma in Carmaux (France) and the identity of the band comes out strong; NEMLESS assert themselves as a band made for the stage.

The influences they welcome are varied, and give a special colour to the group’s compositions.“ torn- heart  » is the word that best describes their songs but really that just means they like it fast. NOMEANSNO, Canadian punkers from Victoria B.C, and FUGAZI just to name a few, widely inspire the following history.


Towards the end of 1999, B. and X. leave the band for less hardcore horizons. At the same time, Georges also leaves the band to fully devote his talent to playing with BABYLON CIRCUS, a group he has been playing with for 2 years.
Fred, Momo and Dadé continue to make their own way. They get a hold of Johan, better known as Pix ex guitarist of the NOW’N’LATER and an old friend of their’s, and convince him to join this good old rock and roll adventure.


Early in 2000 after a quick intake of the band’s repertoire by the new guitarist, the band acquires a trustworthy van that runs like a champ. The van becomes the fifth member of the band and a whole slew of concerts follow. From Euskadi in Brest to Clermont and Marseilles, the band plays with such other groups as BURNING HEADS, TAGADA JONES, UNLOGISITIC, BABYLON CIRCUS, LAGWAGON……..

Their adventures of the past 2 years come to life in October 2001, when the band records a split 12 track EP with 4°7, their street punk friends from Albi. Released by Skalopards Anonymes, this is the band’s first recording on an official label.
They play more and more shows with their friends CONDKOI – QUATRE DEGRES SEPT – NEMLESS and convoys of trucks carrying beer, amps, and drunkers can be seen in the 4 corners of France. Unfortunately, they fail to achieve their main goal of releasing a full length album.
The growing musical differences of individual band members, combined with overall fatigue, prevents the band from writing any new songs.
In January 2003, the band takes an unforgettable tour of Spain, playing 10 shows. For NEMLESS, the end is now near, and how better to appreciate it than by enjoying oneself to the utmost?
This was the feeling as the band played it’s last handful of shows, including the show at which this concert was recorded, and particularly their last concert between friends ‘ at home’ on June 28th 2003 at the Public Domain Sk8 Park. in Albi France.


For all the enjoyable moments you have offered us and all the good you have done us, we thank you.


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